Thursday, May 19, 2011

Follow-Up: Debenhams Dressing Gown

Some of you may remember that a little while ago I had a gripe with
the department store Debenhams, and a sub-standard dressing gown that
was having some problems being returned.

Now, just as I am open and somewhat trigger-happy in making my
feelings known when something goes wrong, I like to think I'm equally
open when things have gone right.

I've got to hand it to them. After some initial teething problems
speaking to someone at their head office, a combination of one helpful
staffer and some Twitter exposure got things moving, and the gown was
returned for quality testing at no cost to me.

I was told it would be four to six weeks for testing to occur and a
result to come back, but yesterday I got a phone call from a staff
member at the local store, apologising for the quality of the gown -
apparently it had been found to be faulty - and offering to refund or
replace it.

A quick visit to the store this afternoon, and I am the proud owner of
a new Rocha John Rocha gown.

They listened to their customer, remedied a situation, and have
re-earnt themselves a lifelong customer. Good show, Debenhams.

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